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Herbal Bitters & Why you must get on the Bitter Wagon!

  What are Bitters? They may taste awful and make you cringe, but they are one of the most revitalizing herbal remedies out there! So get on the bitter wagon….but be happy to be on it 😉 So what are bitters? They are just that – BITTER! Bitters are herbal remedies, usually in tincture (alcoholic based) or acid-tractor (most often…

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Fat: Friend or Foe?

Fat – is that a word that scares you or causes you anxiety? Well it shouldn’t, fats are essential to our wellness and survival – the right fats of course. Let’s put things into perspective here, did you know that our brain is 60% fat, our hormones are derived from fat and in actuality fat helps boost your metabolism –…

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Spotlight Herb: Stinging Nettle

As spring has sprung and the new blossoms are thriving, it is the perfect timing to introduce one of my favorite herbs, Stinging nettle. Also known as Urtica dioca (botanical name), nettle is one of the most useful and widely used herbs in improving and strengthening overall health from head to toe. It is the perfect herb to introduce to…

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  How East met West: The story behind Zen & Tonic  

 The birth of Zen & Tonic began in 2016 when two individuals decided to follow their dreams and turn them into reality. Edward, a recent graduate from Kinesiology and April, neck deep in the corporate world, wanted more out of their careers and their current positions in the community. They both shared the deep desire to broaden their knowledge, educate…

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