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Herbal Bitters & Why you must get on the Bitter Wagon!


What are Bitters?

They may taste awful and make you cringe, but they are one of the most revitalizing herbal remedies out there! So get on the bitter wagon….but be happy to be on it 😉

So what are bitters? They are just that – BITTER! Bitters are herbal remedies, usually in tincture (alcoholic based) or acid-tractor (most often raw apple cider vinegar) form and steeped with bitter herbs to stimulate the bitter receptors in your mouth and kick start the digestive process. Some of my favorite and strongest bitter herbs include Gentiana lutea (Gentian), Andrographis paniculata (Andrographis), Artemisia absinthium(Wormwood), Taraxacum officinale (Dandelion) and Arctium lappa (Burdock Root) , to name a few.

10 Key Benefits of Bitters

  1. Bitters naturally increase stomach acids.
  2. Bitters can reduce acid reflux and help with GERD
  3. Bitters reduce gas and flatulence
  4. Bitters ease bloating
  5. Bitters support healthy digestion and increase absorption of nutrients
  6. Bitters support normalization of bowels
  7. Bitters strengthen and support the liver
  8. Bitters help regulate blood sugar levels and decrease cravings
  9. Bitters increase energy levels
  10. Bitters positively affect your body from head to toe, inside and out!

How do they work?

Through the bitter taste, bitters act on the entire digestive system from beginning to end. Our digestive tract is a finely tuned machine with bitter receptors in the mouth, stomach, pancreas, intestines and colon. As bitters first enter the mouth they immediately stimulate production of saliva in the mouth unlocking key enzymes to break down food. Continuing down, bitters release stomach acids to prep the stomach for proper food digestion and deter acid reflux, bloating, gas and more! Bitters strengthen the valves of the digestive system to discourage heart burn, acid reflux and to ensure food remains in the stomach longer, ensuring proper digestion and absorption. Bitters also initiate bile, liver and pancreatic enzymes to ensure proper fat digestion, absorption of nutrients to energize and fuel the body!

 Who needs bitters?

As a child and young teen your stomach acids are as strong as ever – your stomach is fearless and you can often eat anything! However, as you age your stomach acid levels naturally decrease. Pharmaceuticals can also play a key role in reducing stomach acid levels through suppressing their production and secretion. The largest cause of low stomach acids – STRESS! When our bodies are stressed, they focus on managing the stress, rather than maintaining proper digestion. Thus, our stomach acids take a hit, become depleted and as a result many symptoms can occur.

10 Signs you need bitters:

  1. Constipation / Irregular bowel movements
  2. Lethargy / Low energy levels
  3. Regular flatulence
  4. Bloating after meals or daily bloat
  5. Low or no appetite
  6. Indigestion
  7. Acid Reflux
  8. Heartburn
  9. Multiple food sensitives
  10. Poor skin quality

 How do I take bitters?

In order for bitters to work, they are best taken 15 minutes before meals to allow them to kick start your digestion and prepare your body for the food it is about to receive. Optimally 1 teaspoon of bitters should be taken, 3x daily before meals.


Where can I get bitters?

 Zen & Tonic hand makes their own bitter formulas specific to your needs! Using organic, high quality herbs, Zen & Tonic can personalize a bitter specific to you.

Come in and let’s get you excited for bitters!…But don’t worry they won’t make you bitter, instead they’ll make you jump with joy as your reach new heights in your health!

Hope to see you soon  🙂

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