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Edward Lee


Edward is from TSTCM (Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and graduate of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier University Kinesiology program. His passion for healing became apparent after having to live with an injury himself. Western medicine fell short, and so he began looking into alternative treatments. Through Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, he fully recovered, and it was clear that this was his calling. At Zen & Tonic, Edward combines western and eastern modalities to guide his clients toward health, both within the clinic and throughout their daily lives. He leads an active personal life, often involved in volleyball, basketball, obstacle course racing, disc jockey, and traveling.

April Cockshutt


April is a clinical herbalist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). April graduated with honours from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in International Business and Marketing. After working in corporate, she knew she hadn’t found her true calling. When she tried acupuncture and herbal medicine, however, she discovered something that she could truly believe in. Her passion is using pure, natural and holistic methods to help individuals reach their optimal health, as this is how she cured her own digestive complaints. April’s goal is to provide her clients with the tools and education needed to heal their underlying issues in order to lead a life full of energy, vitality and positivity for year to come.  With the use of hand blended herbal remedies, supplementation, key nutritional and lifestyle changes, April partners with her clients to provide them the ongoing support they need to succeed! Outside of Zen & Tonic, April is an avid athlete, participating in a variety of adventure sports, including obstacle course racing, marathon running, and cyclocross. She also loves travelling the world and spending time with her partner and furry child, Mojito.

Keegan Morris

Registered Massage Therapist

Keegan is a Registered Massage Therapist and graduate of Sutherland-Chan School of Massage Therapy. After receiving over a thousand massages he decided to become a massage creator as well as a massage consumer.  As someone with experience in a spa as well as clinical environment massages can range anywhere from relaxation to sport massage.  His philosophy is providing the most effective treatment while being the least [painful](might want to use a different word as to not scare people), but your goals takes precedence.

He is very passionate about massage and looks forward to taking away people’s aches and making them feel better. On his time off, Keegan likes swimming, biking, martial arts and staring at screens.

Nathanael (Nate) Tsang BSCH.KIN, MSC.PT


Nathanael (Nate) Tsang is a graduate of the Masters of Physical Therapy program at Queen’s University (2015). Prior to this, he graduated with distinction with a Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Kinesiology degree, also from Queen’s University (2012).

Nate is an enthusiastic physiotherapist who utilizes a functional, comprehensive assessment approach to determine the cause of his patients’ condition. Being a competitive distance runner himself for ASICS Canada and his club team Pace and Mind, he has developed an expertise in treating runners of all levels, in addition to treating people who suffer from other common work-related or sports injuries. Nate’s treatments focus in on manual techniques, exercise-based rehabilitation, contemporary medical acupuncture, kinesio-taping, running shoe prescriptions, and patient education. Nate is the head lead for the Athlete’s Care Runner’s Program – a program designed with runners in mind for all levels – which is available at both of his clinics.

Dr. Emma Whelpton


Dr. Emma is a chiropractor, yoga instructor and breathwork facilitator that is passionate about uniting science and soul to cultivate deep healing and health optimization. Following the biopsychosocial model of pain, she treats pain holistically. When the nervous system is regulated, stress is managed, exercise is in place, and the body feels safe- that’s when healing happens and that is what Dr. Emma helps her patient’s create.

She has a special interest in helping her patients break the chronic pain cycle, optimize their health and build a resilient mind and body. She is certified for prenatal care in both chiropractic and yoga.

Dora Torok

Registered Massage Therapist

She has a versatile amount of techniques to make you feel loose, rejuvenated and most of all, feeling less pain!

She works well with finding a flow and understanding how much pressure is needed.

From your deep tissue massages, to her HOT stone massages that will help with sleep, muscle tension/pain, and boost your immunity! She always wants you to leave feeling miraculous.

Dora is very active and enjoys long bike rides, running, hiking, and yoga.

Fun Fact: Dora was a national champion in gymnastics/aerobics in Hungary.

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