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Edward Lee


Edward is from TSTCM (Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine) and graduate of the Sir Wilfrid Laurier University Kinesiology program. His passion for healing became apparent after having to live with an injury himself. Western medicine fell short, and so he began looking into alternative treatments. Through Acupuncture and Chinese medicine, he fully recovered, and it was clear that this was his calling. At Zen & Tonic, Edward combines western and eastern modalities to guide his clients toward health, both within the clinic and throughout their daily lives. He leads an active personal life, often involved in volleyball, basketball, obstacle course racing, disc jockey, and traveling.

April Cockshutt


April is a clinical herbalist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner (CNP). April graduated with honours from Sir Wilfrid Laurier University in International Business and Marketing. After working in corporate, she knew she hadn’t found her true calling. When she tried acupuncture and herbal medicine, however, she discovered something that she could truly believe in. Her passion is using pure, natural and holistic methods to help individuals reach their optimal health, as this is how she cured her own digestive complaints. April’s goal is to provide her clients with the tools and education needed to heal their underlying issues in order to lead a life full of energy, vitality and positivity for year to come.  With the use of hand blended herbal remedies, supplementation, key nutritional and lifestyle changes, April partners with her clients to provide them the ongoing support they need to succeed! Outside of Zen & Tonic, April is an avid athlete, participating in a variety of adventure sports, including obstacle course racing, marathon running, and cyclocross. She also loves travelling the world and spending time with her partner and furry child, Mojito.

Keeigan Morris

Registered Massage Therapist

Carmina Articona, R.TCMP, R.Ac

Registered Acupuncturist and Practitioner of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Carmina graduated from the Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TSTCM) with honours. She is a registered member of the College of Traditional Chinese Medicine Practitioners and Acupuncturists of Ontario. She has earned the certification to use Dr. Lucas’ patented Mei Zen cosmetic acupuncture system and is an educator and an advocate of continuing education and lifelong learning.

As a practitioner of TCM, Carmina’s approach to healing begins with caring and compassion, and respecting that each patient is unique.  She follows the basic premise of TCM practice:  “Treat the patient, not the disease” – meaning she treats the patient as a whole, restoring balance within the body, strengthening the person’s Qi (vital energy), thereby allowing the body to fight the disease naturally.  Carmina has successfully treated patients with digestive disorders, gynecological disorders, stress related disorders, pains/aches, allergies, insomnia and as a former intern at the Dorothy Lea Hospice has experience in bereavement support and palliative care.

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