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3 Key Nutrients Your Body Needs During Times of Stress

Make the Holidays Jolly and Stress Free ! As the holidays grow closer, are you set in overdrive trying to complete all your work? Rushing to fulfill Christmas shopping or sleep deprived after all those holiday parties? Don’t let the pressure of this merry season wear you down or set you up for exhaustion over the holidays. Instead, understand how…

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Three Herbs to Reduce Stress this Holiday Season

In this December’s blog, learn about my 3 favourite stress-reducing herbs, my favourite herbal tea recipe to unwind and my top 10 stress management techniques. TIS THE SEASON OF… STRESS? ‘Twas the weeks leading up to Christmas, when all thro’ the malls, not a soul was relaxed, most definitely not your spouse… I’ll stop there with my attempt of being…

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