Our Philosophy –

At Zen & Tonic we bridge the medical gap between East & West.

At Zen & Tonic, it is more than just Acupuncture & Herbal medicine – we offer you a universal view into your holistic healing. We provide the therapies and education necessary to reach peak health, all while supporting your body’s innate healing mechanism to prevent future illness. Our individualized treatment plans will target the underlying issue, healing the body rather than fixing the just the symptoms.

Herbal medicine and Acupuncture are two of the oldest medicines in history and have helped millions of people. With our philosophy, we encourage the simultaneous use of both these powerful medicines to increase the potency of your treatments and the effectiveness of your healing. The synergistic healing powers of these alternative therapies will help propel your journey to balance and holistic health.

Our Goals

We are your partners in your journey to holistic healing. Our goal is to heal you as a whole; your body, mind and physical capabilities. Together, our aim is to restore your body to a state of equilibrium where you can thrive. During your journey we focus on education, empowerment and holistic modalities including acupuncture, cupping, herbs and more to restore the natural function of your most powerful machine, your body. We believe in you, you are strong, capable and with our support, we know you can be successful on this journey to health and whole body restoration.

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