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Overcoming Low Energy and Chronic Fatigue, Naturally.

Longing for those days where you could jump out of bed after just 4 hours of sleep and power through the day? Instead, do you have a constant lack of energy, feel exhausted all day long or find yourself reaching for the coffee or sweets to keep you going?

You’re not alone! Low energy and chronic fatigue are disrupting the lives of individuals all around you. Luckily there are many natural, holistic methods to re-invigorate your body and get that energy back!

Many individuals fail to recognize the symptoms, signs and patterns of irregular energy or chronic fatigue. Unfortunately, numerous people believe these symptoms to be ordinary and choose to just live with them rather than making small changes to their habits, nutrition and lifestyle to support energy levels. Don’t fall victim to the effects of chronic fatigue, take back your vitality and power on!

The first step in healing is something we urge all clients to do regardless of their issues at hand, get in tune with YOUR BODY! Our bodies are smart, well oiled machines. They often tell us through symptoms when we are out of balance. Through cravings, pain, fatigue, hormonal disbalances, headaches, bloating and more, this is our body crying out for support.

Take a step back, slow down and understand what your body is telling you. Document your symptoms, keep track of the various signs, your emotions, how you feel – make your body your priority and listen to it. 

We are all unique, our bodies  demonstrate signs of imbalances in different ways. Thus, signs of chronic fatigue may differ from person to person. Below are some of the most common signs of fatigue, however, your body could be showing it in different ways. Bottom line, feeling fatigued or tired all day long is not normal. Support your body and give that extra TLC it needs through the nutrition, herbal and lifestyle changes we will discuss later on!

10 Signs of Fatigue:

  • Waking up feeling tired, unrested 
  • Poor sleeping habits, waking to void (most commonly around 2-3a.m.)
  • Reaching for stimulants to fuel your day (caffeine, sugar, exercise etc.)
  • Sugar cravings
  • Hormonal imbalances (women: irregular menses, high PMS; men: low testosterone)
  • Dizziness – sitting to standing
  • Headaches and/or light sensitivity
  • Emotional up & downs, increased depression
  • Reduced capacity to handle stress
  • Brain fog, reduced ability to concentrate

Do any or multiple of the above signs resonate with you? If so, let’s support! These symptoms are not part of a healthy, balanced body, rather they are signs of disbalance. Understanding the underlying issue causing these imbalances and providing your body the resources it needs to heal, along with the time to do so is key to improving and attaining optimal health. 

As with symptoms, the underlying causes of low energy can differ from person to person. Ask yourself when these symptoms began and pinpoint a possible change in your life that may have sparked this low energy pattern, from a stressful event to a change in the diet. Be your own Sherlock!

Possible Causes of Chronic Fatigue: 

  • Adrenal Fatigue
  • Chronic Stress
  • Nutritional Imbalances (often B12 or protein)
  • Anemia (iron deficiency)
  • Thyroid imbalances
  • Diabetes
  • Bacterial or viral infection 

Many of these possible causes can be understood through an in-depth discussion with a holistic health practitioner about your current and past health history along with a detailed blood test.


Now that you understand your symptoms, potential causes and you’re more in-tune with your body’s needs, it’s time to understand what your body needs to recuperate and beat that fatigue. The below nutritional and lifestyle changes will support increased energy and whole-body vitality, so that you can power through your day!

**Stayed tuned for our following weekly blogs which will cover each topic below in depth. Understand how these positive changes affect not only our energy, but also our emotions, digestion and more!


One of the first signs of dehydration is fatigue! Unfortunately, for many of us food and stimulants take precedent before that glass of water. So next time you feel tired, try reaching for your bottle of water and hydrate first!


Healthy amounts of quality sleep can increase your levels of ATP (energy molecules). Alternatively, if you’re short on sleep, your body will release larger amounts of stress hormones the following day. Leaving you feeling even more stressed and exhausted. Tune in for the next blog which will explain reasons for poor sleep and key tactics to improve not only the amount but also quality of sleep you get. 


You are what you eat! Fill your body full of whole foods, vegetables, fruits, complex grains, quality proteins and you’ll provide the building blocks you need for an energized body. Fill your body with sugar, processed foods, saturated fats and you’ll feel sluggish, inflamed and struggle through those highs and low. Our body is a fine-tuned machine and runs optimally on premium fuel. If it becomes deficient in key energy producing nutrients, such as B12 or Iron, it won’t operate optimally. Stay tuned for an upcoming blog to learn how to fuel effectively for energy support. 


Sugar, that sinfully delicious ingredient that makes everything taste better and gives you those sugar highs! Think again next time you add a tsp of sugar to your coffee, as sugar acts more like a sedative, slowing your body down, increasing inflammation and inhibiting orexin – a brain chemical that keeps you feeling awake. Not only does sugar increase your blood sugars and insulin, but also your cortisol. Thus, increasing your stress levels and further impairing your adrenals. Do yourself a favor and skip the sugar next time!

            Craving sugar but don’t know why? Can’t kick that sugar habit? Stay tuned to understand the reasoning behind sugar cravings, the effects of sugar and how to live sugar free…don’t worry it will still be delicious not to mention that much more nutritious and energizing! 


Our bodies were designed to combat stress in small amounts. We were not built to undergo low or high-grade stress for long periods of time. In today’s modern society, it is next to impossible to escape stress; from work, relationships, traffic, intense exercise, social media, finances and so much more.  This chronic stress puts a huge load on our adrenals and energy reserves, leaving us exhausted and unmotivated. Not only are we causing stress through our environments, but also through inflammatory diets, and our inability to slow down, unplug and provide our body with the TLC it needs. Understanding the key stressors in your life, how to reduce them and introducing stress management tools that work for you, are vital steps to increasing your energy levels. 

Don’t where to start? Stay tuned for our blog on stress or reach out for Acupuncture, one of the best stress-reducing therapies you can do for your body, mind and soul. Even better, tackle it from a holistic perspective and work alongside our Holistic Wellness Coach to reduce stress in all aspects of your life, from diet, to lifestyle to supplementation and herbs to support. 


SIBERIAN GINSENG. This is a wonderful Adaptogenic herb that counteracts and supports our bodies reaction to stress. As stress is often a key cause of chronic fatigue, using adaptogens for a of period time can help restore our adrenal glands and increases our innate ability to handle stress. Thus, increasing our energy levels! 

There are many effective adaptogens including Ashwaghanda, Schisandra berry, Astragalus and Rhodiola. Each support the adrenals, and can provide neuroprotective, anti-fatigue, anti-depressant and performance support. Come into Zen & Tonic for your personalized Adaptogenic elixir!

GINKGO LEAF. These leaves, from one of the oldest species of trees found on earth, provide numerous energizing benefits. With its vasodilating properties, it stimulates oxygen and blood flow to the brain, improving concentration and alertness. Additionally, it is commonly used to combat depression, anxiety and is a powerful antioxidant. 

Looking forward to a brain fog busting elixir to help you focus? Get in touch for your personalized remedy!

GREENS. Keep it clean and eat your greens! Chock full of minerals and vitamins, your plate can always use a bit more greens! Greens such as spinach, swiss chard or collard greens, are high in iron which transports oxygen needed for energy production.  They are also high in Magnesium, which is essential for energy production and supporting the nervous system. Let’s not forget that greens are also a powerful source of fibre which keeps you feeling full longer, supports detoxification and so much more! Try adding an extra handful of greens to your next meal!

FISH OIL. An extremely beneficial supplement not only for energy production, but also for hormonal support, adrenals, thyroid health, anti-inflammatory mechanisms and so much more! Many individuals with chronic fatigue have been found to be low in essential fatty acids and with supplementation, saw improved symptoms. Furthermore, healthy fats provide slow burning energy to fuel your day, reduce periods of fatigue and sugar cravings. They also provide the key nutrients your adrenals need to heal and create hormones to cope with stress. 

VALERIAN ROOT. Sleep is essential in supporting energy levels, chronically fatigued or not. Not able to fall asleep or wake up to void through out the night? To support your recovery from low energy, sleep must improve. Valerian root to the rescue! This sleep-inducing and stress reducing herb works wonders for those who need to improve their sleep patterns and get some shut eye! Best taken in tincture or tea form before bed – sweet dreams 😉

Check out our ONLINE HERBAL APOTHECARY for healing herbal remedies or to order your personalized elixir!


You are responsible for your health. You are the decision maker. You are responsible for your habits and for the choices you make. Start today with one simple change you learned from this article.  Start your journey to healing and living energized! It may take some time, so be kind, be patient with your body and know that your future self will thank you for these positive changes. 

Looking to achieve your health goals, live fatigue free? Book your FREE 15-minute consultation to understand how we can help through Herbal and Holistic Wellness Coaching or Traditional Chinese Medicine! Trust us, your future self will thank you!…not to mention you work hard for your benefits.. USE THEM 😉

***Please note that this article was written in my personal opinion through my learnings and research. Other herbalists, nutritionists and individuals may have their own views and opinions on this topic, please make you own conclusions and additional research if you’d like! I would also love to answer any further questions or curiosities you may have, email me: april@zenandtonic.ca

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